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NeoStrata Ultra Smoothing Lotion

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This exfoliating moisturizer and cell renewal treatment relieves dry, damaged skin, while preventing further damage on non-sensitive skin.
  • 8% Glycolic Acid reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Citric acid provides antioxidant benefits and minimizes the damaging effects of the sun and pollution
  • Relieves dry, rough and environmentally damaged skin
  • Promotes cell renewal
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NeoStrata Ultra Smoothing Lotion – Harga dan Manfaat

This light, translucent, exfoliating moisturizer and cell renewal treatment relieves dry, rough and environmentally damaged skin, while helping prevent further oxidative damage. Provides treatment for non-sensitive skin on the face, hands and body. Fragrance-Free. Formulated with 8% Glycolic acid and 2% Citric acid.

200gram bottle

Recommended Usage: Daily AM under sunscreen, and PM as tolerated

How to Use NeoStrata Ultra Smoothing Lotion
Apply to the face, hands and/or body once daily or for two weeks and twice daily thereafter, as tolerated. Gently smooth in the lotion until it disappears. Daily use of sunscreen or sun avoidance is recommended with use of this AHA product and for one week after to minimize the risk of sun sensitivity/sunburn.

Key Ingredients: Glycolic Acid, Citric Acid.

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