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Papulex Oil Free Cream

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  • Fragrance free
  • Hydroxy acid free
    Non-comedogenic (does not block pores)
  • Non photosensitive
  • Helps control oily skin
  • Can be used day and night
  • Moisturises and mattifys the skin
  • Dermatologically tested
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Papulex Oil Free Cream – Harga dan Manfaat

Papulex® Oil-Free Cream helps reduce skin blemishes and control oil. Contains moisturisers to hydrate and protect the skin plus special mattifying agents to help skin stay shine-free. An oil-in water emulsion free from vegetable and mineral oils, that helps in reducing inflammatory lesions and in regulating sebum production.

The functional substances contained in the Papulex range help to improve the condition of acne prone skin thanks to:
•Nicotinamide 4%: has been shown to reduce the appearance of redness
•Anti-Bacterial Adhesive substance (ABA): helps to reduce the proliferation of Propionibacterium acnes (P.acnes)
•Zinc PCA has a sebum regulating action (in Papulex oil-free cream)

Nicotinamide 4% Anti-Bacterial Adhesive substance (ABA) 1%
Zinc PCA 1%
Mattifying agents 7%

Anti-blemish hydrating skincare for combination and oily acne prone skin
Apply after cleansing or after papulex treatment gel twice a day, morning and evening. Massage gently for the cream to be absorbed.
Also effective to prevent and treat Folliculitis after shaving.

PAPULEX is especially suitable for the care of the skin during shaving. Apply the skin cleanser before shaving and put the cream on immediately after on the shaved parts or follow with papulex treatment gel then cream. This way, irritating shaving spots do not even appear. (Also suitable for the bikini area and arm pits)

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